memberships are extremely limited:


youtube CHANNEL

The Kingdom Real Estate Channel is a mix of interviews, testimonials, stories and shared experiences.

Get the lowdown on our journey from starting to now running a multi-million dollar investment business, and everything in-between.

Learn from their mistakes, model their successful moves, and get the inside track to stay ahead of the game.


memberships are extremely limited:

What we actually offer:

Information and options for all skill levels. Brand new up to 7 Figures a year. Our goal is progress. It doesn't matter where you are. Let's move forward and get to the next level.


World class curriculum. The members who teach inside our community aren't guru's or famous. They teach from a place of experience. We cover every topic within real estate. Literally, we have people in every real estate niche and strategy. These trainings are step by step.

Community. Our members are insanely active 24/7. Regardless of the time of day/night you can get clarity or help on whatever is needed. These are people who actually care and want you to succeed. We believe in helping each person find financial freedom.


Calls. We host a ton of live calls each month. These are featuring different members and topics. Calls can range from brand new / getting stated all the way up to more of the tactical deal analysis. Calls are led by members and are wildly helpful.

Live Events. Probably our favorite thing on the planet. Multiple times a year we meet together. These aren't mega events. Often they are held at someones house. We spend 2 or more days together networking, masterminding, sharing, teaching and growing as a community. Expect to be challenge and stretched to accomplish your goals.

Are you a Christian company?

We are individuals who believe in a relationship with Christ. The Kingdom isn't technically one faith or another. We accept everyone. The leadership and a majority of the members are Christian but we represent a wide range of people.

Is this JUST wholesaling?

Absolutely not. Our community has been around for a decade. With that comes every imaginable niche under the real estate umbrella. We do believe that wholesaling is a good place to start for most people but it's often not the "finish line".

Do I need a real estate license?

No. Not unless you want to become a real estate agent.

We do have licensed agents in our community but being licensed really isn't necessary for most of what we do.

How are you different from the "gurus"?

Well, just that. We aren't gurus at all.

We aren't famous. We don't speak on stages. We aren't social media celebrities.

Most guru's are trying to be famous. They want the most views and subscribers on youtube, instagram and TikTok. We have ZERO interest in this.

The Kingdom is a member to member collaboration. So you are interacting with members, learning from members, spending time with members. This isn't the blind leading the blind. These people are just like you. They had the same struggles as you. They overcame what you are going through. The experience is different when an average person is helping you in your journey.

If someone comes in at a level 2, a level 5 is going to be helping them.

What's the cost?

We hate the word cost. Normally that's the wrong way to look at your business. The investment for a membership will range depending on where you are and what you want to accomplish. We customize an approach based on the person. Because it's not "one size fits all" we don't publish prices. Typically people can starts for under 100 a month and get GREAT traction.

How long does it take to get results?

VERY difficult to say. The fastest we've seen is 21 days for someone NEW to get their first deal. That is quick..... most people won't accomplish that.

The goal is to build something sustainable.... not go the fastest.

I would plan on 3-4 months if you are brand new.

If you are somewhat experienced or are SCALING....much quicker.

How long is the waitlist?

It depends on the season. We typically reach out as quickly as we can to make an introduce and start the relationship. Often times if it's a good fit on both sides we will try and get someone in as quickly as possible.

Please understand this is not a fit for some people. Our goal is to protect the community at all costs.

If you ARE a fit we'll fight tooth and nail to have you.

Do I have to do this full time?

Not at all. Most people have jobs or careers and do this on the side.

A lot of people have the goal to go full time within a year. Very doable.

We recommend people have the ability to dedicate 10 hours a week.


memberships are extremely limited: